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These observations of Twitter behavior from politicians where made in the period from 24 August 2019 21:11 untill 22 September 2019 21:11

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Violeta Bulc (EU) tweeted :

Wrapping up a record breaking European #MobilityWeek in #Brussels during the #CarFree day.

RT @StefanLeifert: Kaum wiederzuerkennen: Brüssel am autofreien Sonntag... 🚲 🛴 🏃‍♀️

RT @Transport_EU: This weekend it is #carfree Sunday in #Brussels & other cities. Check if your city is organising #CarFree Day or takes pa…

Violeta Bulc (EU) retweeted @StrankaSMC :

RT @StrankaSMC: Sem zagovornik liberalnega, svobomiselnega političnega pristopa. Drugačnost in različna mnenja so vendarle bogastvo, če zna…

RT @JESstadslabo: .@TNavracsicsEU We are verry happy to welcome you here. We hope we can inspire you with our initiatives and approach!