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Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (EU) tweeted :

Totalna opozycja pisze list do komosarza UE Timmermansa z proßbą o nałożenie na Polskę sankcji.…

RT @IFTtweets: We will work to make sure the UK won't make this mistake. #chlorinechicken #hormonebeef #GMO #foodprices #Brexit https://t.c…

@CarpeZytha I have done many times, as have most Brits who have visited America, By the way, Gummer's daughter seems pretty healthy.

@AndrewTottenham I just love Twitter. You really think I haven't read up about EFTA? In a lot more detail than that summary?

@technige @margarance @Bertie_Waster @sheehyjr If you write in cliché long enough then, as you have found, you start thinking in cliché.