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Neven Mimica (EU) tweeted :

On my way to New York for the 73rd #UNGA⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠. At a crucial moment for #multilateralism, the strong #EU presence is proof of the importance of our partnership with the @UN . We work together towards the #SDGs and a peaceful and prosperous future for all. #leavenoonebehind

Sophie Montel (EU) retweeted @max_enab :

RT @max_enab: Bonjour @f_philippot et @_LesPatriotes, voici votre nouveau clip de campagne. Il est beau le rassemblement des français 😂 htt…

RT @KGloanecMaurin: Une nouvelle fois le gouvernement et sa majorité renoncent à interdire le #glyphosate sous la pression des lobbyistes.…

RT @lukeming: Imagine someone going around burning your money. You’d be annoyed wouldn’t you? Well it’s happening. Watch this. #Promnotes #…

RT @Manuel_TSSA: You don't kill xenophobia by aping the policies of UKIP - you need to defeat them!…