All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @mmm_hungary: Hitler és Szálasi, Sztálin és Rákosi, Brezsnyev és Kádár, Putyin és Orbán. Az elmúlt évszázadban álltunk már gazemberek oldalára, itt az idő, hogy a jó oldalra álljunk.

RT @jsrailton: WATCH: an election being stolen in realtime. Join me on a THREAD of videos from Russia🇷🇺 this weekend. Exhibit A: can you spot the hand w/ballots sneaking from behind the flag? Location: Kemerovo, Siberia. Via: @novaya_gazeta

RT @skirchy: Here is the latest story of a Pegasus infection: This Hungarian photojournalist uses drones and public yacht tracking info to get shots of the Hungarian elite. Turns out, he was being watched, too. Great investigation by @direkt36…

RT @CEA_magazine: What does Pope Francis' visit to #Hungary mean? @zsoltaros and @KeszZoltan discuss the rifts within the Catholic Church in 🇭🇺, how the historic event could motivate the 'Quiet Ones' & how it will possibly be a clash between @Pontifex and PM Viktor Orbán.…

RT @mvanhulten: EU failed to take decisive action when Russia shot down flight #MH17, killing 200 Dutch citizens and almost 100 citizens of other countries. Business with Russia carried on as normal, and Putin carried on his killing spree. Let's hope we've learnt our lesson... #Belarus #ryanair

RT @ProjectLincoln: RT @ProjectLincoln: Mr. President, thank you for showing the American people exactly who and what you are.

RT @ministerBlok: Academic freedom is one of the hallmarks of a free and democratic society. Big loss that @ceuhungary has been forced to announce its departure from Budapest.

RT @b_novak: Five professors from Hungarian theological college nominate George Soros for Nobel Peace Prize. Fidesz politician responds by comparing Soros to Hitler and Stalin.