All deleted tweets from politicians

RSA Minister of Transport | Former Minister of Police | Former Minister of Sport & Rec | ANC NEC | Former ANCYL President & SG| FOCUSED - ENERGETIC - EFFICIENT.

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RT @Derek_Hanekom: Please. The vast majority of leaders in the ANC have never done business with the state, nor have their children. We are not all the same. WATCH | Show me one leader of the ANC who hasn't done business with the state - Ace Magashule…

RT @RonaldLamola: #PostCabinet | The role of the Inter-Ministerial Committee responsible for #COVID19 related corruption vs The role of the Law Enforcement Agencies (thread) Inter-Ministerial Committee:

RT @EsethuOnDuty: “We are not taking over the responsibility of law enforcement agencies but there is a need to coordinate the information, to ensure this process is transparent. ” Minister @RonaldLamola The IMC’s purpose .

RT @MillyLethule: RT @MillyLethule: My picture of the month! Mr Fix - our Minister of all things mobile @MbalulaFikile! We are led ✊…

Tomorrow we will address the public through the media to announce and introduce the RAF CEO. We will also address developments related to other entities of the Dep of Transport. We continue to stabilize these entities by filling vacant and “acting” post for better delivery.

@HermanMashaba Mr Mashaba you call this journalism? He should have given pure a chance to speak he is a journalist for God's sake he must be non partisan.

#Get2GetherExperience Its going down ◽◽◽◽◽Great lineup!

RT @GovernmentZA: From The Desk of the President : "We must take steps right now that not only safeguard COVID funds, but that also protect all public funds and all institutions from corruption now and into the future," @CyrilRamaphosa Read further:

“Attempting to profit from a disaster that is claiming the lives of our people every day is the action of scavengers. It is like a pack of hyenas circling wounded prey.” From The Presidnet: Read in full hate: