All deleted tweets from politicians

Aquatic Ape, Scruffy Economist & Tasmanian Greens Senator. National spokesperson for Healthy Oceans and Treasury. Know thyself and nothing in excess.

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RT @HarvestLst: RT @HarvestLst: One of our veg farmers has been very badly affected by #TasFloods and needs to lease land around Devonport, can anyone help?

RT @JamColley: The greatest trick the Government ever pulled was convincing the country a lack of infrastructure was the fault of migrants and not the people in charge of nation building

RT @SenatorSiewert: The Gov is trying to classify gas as a “low emission fuel”. I will not sit in the Senate & be told by the Government that their 'Streamlining Environmental Approvals' Bill will do anything other than further destroy our environment. Gas is a fossil fuel.

RT @christopherneff: As one of few social science shark researchers -- I would like to start a social science lab on human-shark interactions - the (SSL-Shark) to publish new interdisciplinary & intersectionally sensitive research. If you would like to join, please msg me here & I'll start a list. 🦈

One unexpected advantage of remote parliament is you can turn the volume down (any time you want) #SenateQT :)

RT @lenoretaylor: RT @lenoretaylor: Death of the salesman? How Scott Morrison's PR nous deserted him in the bushfires…

RT @lenoretaylor: scandals getting too little attention in a time of corona - Sport Australia warned Bridget McKenzie over sports grants decisions, emails reveal…

RT @edmundtadros: And, in my most exciting moment ever at the @FinancialReview, we are live blogging an audit inquiry.… @hannahkwootton driving, with contributions from me.