All deleted tweets from politicians

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland & Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth | IG:

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Brilliant day in Northern Ireland with the PM borisjohnsonuk We welcomed the First Minister Arlene Foster and Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill to Hillsborough Castle earlier. @ Hillsborough Castle…

@PoliceServiceNI Officers should never have to face this kind of violence, they work everyday to keep us all safe. I wish all the officers speedy recoveries. Huge thanks for their effforts to keep communities safe & peaceful.

RT @indiabrummitt: RT @indiabrummitt: Still time to sign up here for @RoadTrip2015 to Great Yarmouth this weekend...…

#sundayvibes with our fabulous rose hush that has blossomed gloriously this year, despite my lack of any gardening skills.

RT @LewisFeilder: "I've always opposed the development of free market economics in Europe." Let's just think about that. He has happily opposed the system that has drastically improved the living standards of millions in democracies across Europe, in favour of the system that went before.

RT @AmandeepBhogal: The Prime Minister is crystal clear: We will no longer allow the automatic early release of serious and violent offenders. #BackBoris #Marr

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Getting out the Conservative vote. Go out and #VoteConservative🗳 for higher quality local services and low council tax. Don't let Labour wallop your bins and wallets with Corbynomics.

You can now download the StopCovid NI app and play your part! Track and trace is important & is anonymous. Stay safe & help others: iOS… Android

RT @carlyboyharding: RT @carlyboyharding: That's why we voted conservative what a budget well played #GeorgeOsborne @BrandonLewis one purpose one policy one na…

RT @cabinetofficeuk: Small businesses are the backbone of the UK’s economy. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to prepare for changes and opportunities as the UK’s transition period with the EU comes to an end ⬇️ #LetsGetGoing