All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @Santiago31254: RT @Santiago31254: @GaiusCa1igu1a @PhilipDaviesMP Charity begins at home. Use the overseas aid money to help fix our problems first.

RT @TheLordJalapeno: RT @TheLordJalapeno: .@PhilipDaviesUK Hi Phil, please stop posting leaflets through my door. I wouldn't vote for you if you were the only c…

RT @Cranners007: RT @Cranners007: @ParlyApp @RhonddaBryant @PhilipDaviesMP A bit rich given Chris completely misread his electorate over Brexit vote.

RT @MarkJTowns: RT @MarkJTowns: @PhilipDaviesUK Good to hear you speaking some sense on the gaming industry on #5live earlier this evening.

RT @gazzaeuro: RT @gazzaeuro: .@PhilipDaviesUK just spoke some sense about the BBC licence fee in the House of Commons.

RT @RanchoControl: RT @RanchoControl: @PhilipDaviesUK You have absolutely no value as a politician. Retire.

RT @Jack_Lakeland: RT @Jack_Lakeland: @oflynnsocial @PhilipDaviesUK I doubt there's been a bigger political success story.

RT @politicsactive: Any Tory MP who seriously wants #Brexit to happen has to know that only @EstherMcVey1 is the way forward as leader and PM. She's the only one with a credible Brexit & unite the country plan. Labour are scared of her. I am #WithEsther. #ToryLeadershipContest #Brexit #NoDealBrexit

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: A poll showing a no deal Brexit is the voters' top choice may alarm the Guardian but the British people are made of sterner stuff.…

RT @DouglasCarswell: Every Brexit related broadcast from Davos is gold dust to the Leave cause. It demonstrates clearly the kind of people intent on overthrowing the referendum result.