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Father, Army veteran, optimist. Campaigner for Kent, for Tonbridge, Edenbridge and Malling. @Conservatives أبو آدم

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@SebastianEPayne Have you forgotten your glasses again?

@MrJonCope @BjornRusthall Look at the videos on my Facebook and ask yourself - where are Labour? Can't even be bothered to knock on one door when I've knocked on k's!

@BjornRusthall @MrJonCope Don't tell Ashford that - you'll hurt his feelings! All he does is stand on a bridge talking to each other. None has ever knocked on a single door. @TMBCToryGroup and I have knocked on 20k doors in 5 weeks and done a full constituency canvas. We've had a great campaign.

RT @Iromg: Oh dear: Tony Robinson quits Labour after 45 years and says Corbyn's leadership is 'complete s---'…

RT @calvinrobinson: On the #GeneralElection2019 campaign trail in Lewes with @TomTugendhat. Working hard to: 🗳️ Get @mariacaulfield re-ele…

@JFrenchTweet @Russlanc269 @TMBCToryGroup The community centre had one booking a week. The grass was unused because just over the river is a huge, beautiful park. The new centre will offer better medical facilities. This is an important investment in our community’s health. The Greens voted against and tried to block it.

@SwapAholicUk @josephinebbtg @TMBCToryGroup @VoteGreenApril Your profile says you're from London. Did you come down specially to ensure nationally approved slogans were so carefully read out? It would explain why your candidate had no local detail at all especially of how 6,000 homes in our community live or any of the buses we rely on.

@GeneralBoles Who’s that good looking fellow?!?

We need to deliver Delay Repay 15, flexible ticketing and improved rail services. #TomsPriorities

This is a welcome and interesting development...!…