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RT @DanielJHannan: There are sanctimonious hypocrites, then there are Lib Dems. The party now rages against David Cameron’s “unforgivable”…

RT @CarolineBuffa: On June 12, 1942. Anne Frank received a diary as a present for her 13th birthday. It's the most famous diary in his…

SollyMalatsi (DA) tweeted :

Sensor Mchunu is getting dribbled by his own responses to parliamentary questions. No wonder Ace Magashule beat him to that SG gig there at Luthuli House!

RT @TheScaryNature: i'm not locked in here with you. YOURE LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME!

RT @TheScaryNature: i'm not locked in here with you. YOURE LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME!

Makashule Gana (DA) replied to @Sevhic_ :

@Sevhic_ Look at the consistency between 2018 and 2019

Makashule Gana (DA) tweeted :

That feeling when you realize you have just done a 3h20 marathon time. My favorite photo from @CTMarathon.

If you thought VBS ruined poor and working class Black South Africans lives after EFF and ANC politicians got hold of their money, that will be seen as a warm up compared to what they do when they get their pensions through prescribed assets.

RT @handomex: Can we please let the Mayor Herman Mashable get on with his mandate to serve the people of Johannesburg! Leave this other kak…