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RT @SundayTimesZA: "During the protests, in the middle of the night, William and Theo came to me. They asked whether I would be willing to…

RT @WesternCapeGov: Halal businesses in the Food and Beverage, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical sectors are invited to apply to participate in th…

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RT @ianbremmer: A message from Hong Kong

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RT @alanwinde: Today we are attending the #CabinetMeetsAgriculture meeting where our Western Cape Cabinet members are supporting Minister o…

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South African Health Plan Rocks Insurer Discovery…

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Protecting Tourists and Tourism

RT @SundayTimesZA: EDITORIAL | NHI is a poison pill that will leave SA poorer and none the healthier

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A classic case of reform compromising recovery in SA!

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RT @ReutersVzla: GRAPHICS- #Venezuela: A nation left in the dark | By @juledurg. Photography: Reuters photographers…

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Big business have been going along to get along for too long in SA!