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Diplomata. Deputada socialista ao Parlamento Europeu 2004-2019. Diplomat. Socialist Member of the European Parliament 2004-2019.

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Ana Gomes (EU) retweeted @ProfJTOBrien :

RT @ProfJTOBrien: Am I the only NHS worker who is slightly uncomfortable about the 8pm applause? I thank all for their great support for key workers - but as well as clapping, please lobby our politicians for increased NHS funding. The NHS is woefully underfunded against our comparitor nations.

Ana Gomes (EU) retweeted @mattyglesias :

RT @mattyglesias: RT @mattyglesias: This is a solid minute of non-crazy takes from Bolton

RT @wdjstraw: EU Parliament boss wants €60bn before trade talks can start. That's half the NHS budget - so much for £350m per week @BorisJohnson…

Ana Gomes (EU) retweeted @AthJoris :

RT @AthJoris: The Netherlands under prime minister Den Uyl was one of the first countries to recognize the legitimacy of the Portuguese coronation revolution of 25 April 1974. This is Portuguese PM Mário Soares being received by Den Uyl in 1977.

Ana Gomes (EU) retweeted @kevinroose :

RT @kevinroose: Facebook software engineer quits, says in his resignation announcement that "Facebook, complicit in the propagation of weaponized hatred, is on the wrong side of history."

Ana Gomes (EU) retweeted @MoreiraAmilcar :

RT @MoreiraAmilcar: É sempre bom lembrar que Portugal é aquele país em que o advogado de Isabel dos Santos tem assento num órgão de promoção do combate à corrupção.

Ana Gomes (EU) retweeted @BarbosaSan1972 :

RT @BarbosaSan1972: RT @BarbosaSan1972: @AnaMartinsGomes Não conhece o que a casa gasta de certeza! “Rolar cabeças” só dos pobres e fracos!

Ana Gomes (EU) retweeted @paulo_baldaia :

RT @paulo_baldaia: Na Liga dos Campeões, orgulhosamente organizado pela a capital portuguesa, vão comparecer Liverpool (ENG, campeão), Tottenham Hotspur (ENG), Chelsea (ENG) e Manchester City (ENG)?…

Ana Gomes (EU) retweeted @Bazinhos1982 :

RT @Bazinhos1982: Este assunto toca o meu clube. Mas como tenho 2 dedos de testa, cabe me aplaudir a Dra @AnaMartinsGomes. Por isso, gosta tanto desta Sra 👏…

RT @AureliaEndAFP: RT @AureliaEndAFP: En 2015 "La Grèce ce n'est que 2% du PIB européen = En 2007 "Les subprimes ce n'est que 10% du marché hypothécaire" http…