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Member of European Parliament, former European Commission Vice-President for #DigitalSingleMarket and Estonian Prime Minister 2005-2014

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Andrus Ansip (EU) tweeted :

Head taasiseseisvumispäeva, armas Eesti! Vabadus on võimas. Ärgem võtkem teda iseenesestmõistetavalt. 🇪🇪

Andrus Ansip (EU) retweeted @Ansip_EU :

RT @Ansip_EU: 201 days without missing my daily #French practice. My work is for Europe but learning French is for myself. It’s my fun, my…

Andrus Ansip (EU) retweeted @cebit :

RT @cebit: Japans Prime Minister Shinzo #Abe just announced the Hannover Declaration to create common standards for the digita…

Andrus Ansip (EU) retweeted @cebit :

RT @cebit: Chancellor #Merkel promoting free trade: "At a time of the Internet of Things we need to link societies, too." -…

RT @MattiMaasikas: Vabariigi Valitsuse liige võrdleb Euroopa Liitu Nõukogude Liiduga. Meie diplomaatidel on üha keerulisem rääkida, et poli…

Andrus Ansip (EU) retweeted @IlvesToomas :

RT @IlvesToomas: @MattiMaasikas @ratasjuri @UrmasReinsalu Valitsus ei valitse iseennast. Seni kuni Eesti @valitsus avalikult ei distantseer…

RT @dpatrikarakos: 1st/2nd gen immigrant-founded US tech firms 1 Apple 2 Google 3 IBM 4 Oracle 5 Facebook 6 Amazon 7 Qualcomm 8 EMC 9 eBay…

Andrus Ansip (EU) tweeted :

日本の皆さん、ありがとうございました。 またお会い出来るのを楽しみにしています。 @g20org @EU_in_Japan

Andrus Ansip (EU) tweeted :

There is global momentum to make progress on human-centric #AI and the EU is ready to be at the forefront of this drive with like-minded partners. So I support a strong #G20 statement and annex on ethics principles of #ArtificialIntelliegnce

Andrus Ansip (EU) tweeted :

Visit at NEC’s HQ in Tokyo 🇯🇵 with CEO Mr Endo. #5G introduces new opportunities for M2M communications with minimum human intervention on construction sites, in airports, smart cities, healthcare. This goes hand in hand with human-centric #AI, ethics & strong privacy rules.