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Former Cons MEP for East of England. Inventor ‘SuperCanada’ U.K./EU Free Trade Agreement Ex Co-chair Conservatives for Britain. Pro Brexit. RTs NOT endorsements

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David C Bannerman (EU) retweeted @SkyNews :

RT @SkyNews: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced plans to launch a new charitable organisation named Archewell that aims to "to do something that matters"

RT @Shay_England: RT @Shay_England: @DCBMEP @UKLabour Other hateful members of the cult today...

David C Bannerman (EU) retweeted @AdamW95 :

RT @AdamW95: I took this picture, in the middle of my night shift as a make-shift ICU nurse, covered in sweat, sores on my face from my mask, minutes later I was told my grandad had died of coronavirus. Just stay the fuck inside, please #staysafe #ProtectTheNHS

RT @AnnMSinnott: Good news! Dominic Cummings needs to realise that women's spaces ARE important to women - and women are the majority of the population. @BaronessBerridgeEB @Baroness_Nichol @LordLucasCD

RT @JonathanWogel: #FBPE, #woke, #KindnessMatters #BeKind - posts like this from many self proclaiming woke, FBPE and “caring” people who only weeks ago were shouting “be kind” shows their true colours. Just vile. #GetWellBoris #BackBoris

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: If a long extension leaves us stuck in the EU we should be as difficult as possible. We could veto any increase in the budget, obstruct the putative EU army and block Mr Macron’s integrationist schemes.

RT @boblister_poole: RT @boblister_poole: Boris Johnson refuses to bow to pressure to extend Brexit transition period…

RT @TommyRommel92: RT @TommyRommel92: We've had our Party and it was great ◽ So button it Cox ◽ Brexit stays. #NoSurrender ◽◽ ◽◽

RT @SkyNewsBreak: Buckingham Palace says the Queen has recorded a special broadcast to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in relation to the coronavirus outbreak to be broadcast at 8pm on Sunday 5 April

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: Big shift in thinking from aid to trade. Long overdue…