All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative MEP for Eastern England. Co-chair, Conservatives for Britain. Pro Brexit. Author: 'Time to Jump'.

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RT @encourager58: RT @encourager58: @DCBMEP If it must be scrapped, why not in #Britain. Why #Turkey? Disgraceful.

RT @ScotTories: Nicola Sturgeon presided over one of the biggest scandals in the history of devolution, which shattered the life chances of thousands of Scottish pupils. Her belated apology is not good enough for the teachers, parents and pupils who were effected by this fiasco.

RT @DavidDavisMP: The Government must now put in place sensible regulation of facial recognition that protects privacy, and have proper debate and oversight in Parliament.

RT @DavidDavisMP: Pleased to see @libertyhq has won its legal challenge against the Police's use of live facial recognition cameras. The Court of Appeal has rightly ruled they unlawfully interfere with the right to privacy, and that there are "fundamental deficiencies" in the legal framework.

RT @SpeechUnion: RT @SpeechUnion: "Political discrimination should be as unacceptable as racism at universities" - Nigel Biggar ◽◽◽

RT @europe_not_EU: RT @europe_not_EU: Wouldn't it be really refreshing if someone from @StrongerIn argued the case for federalism an EU army and a common tax…

RT @UKGovScotland: More than 65,000 businesses in Scotland have benefited from over £2.3 billion of support to bounce back from COVID through government-supported loan schemes:… #CBILS #BounceBackLoans

RT @PlankGrubbly34: @DCBMEP All its neighbours are affected by its expansionist and bullying attitude. Their appetite for unilateral aggression and complete disdain for agreements is appalling. Not to miss their massive transgressions in Xinjiang and Tibet.

RT @GetBritainOut: Japan's Foreign Minister is in London today to discuss what is hoped to be the final stages of the Japan-UK Free Trade Agreement. The deal is hoped to be signed off in September ready for the new year. Brilliant news.…