All deleted tweets from politicians

David C Bannerman

Cons MEP for the East of England. Inventor ‘SuperCanada’. Pro GATT Art 24 no deal. Ex Co-chair Conservatives for Britain. Pro Brexit. RTs NOT endorsements

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RT @Steven_Swinford: Check this out: Willamson, Mordaunt, Javid, Hunt, Leadsom *ALL* backed the Malthouse compromise It’s a who’s who of…

RT @Steven_Swinford: No 10 averts one crisis by giving MPs a free vote on the Malthouse Compromise The real action today is now over Spelm…

David C Bannerman (EU) tweeted :

Any Conservative MP voting to take no deal off table today is in breach of the Conservative manifesto & insult the public’s Referendum decision. They should face deselection by their association (via SGM, if AGM already taken place) @johnstrafford

RT @HenryNewman: Boris backing a WTO Brexit to preserve our "self respect" While saying he's not in favour of crashing out No explanation…

RT @StandUp4Brexit: “Let me make it clear. The legal risk as I set it out in my letter of 13th November remains unchanged” @Geoffrey_Cox…

RT @Geoffrey_Cox: @jonsnowC4 Bollocks

RT @DavidDorn_VTTV: @DCBMEP there'll be shedloads of false alarms. Already happening with IOS10 and such.

RT @James_MacQ: @DCBMEP perhaps Blair still wants to be president of the EU?

RT @James_MacQ: @DCBMEP it's good to see TM getting on with brexit, hopefully we'll have a negotiating position soon

RT @James_MacQ: @DCBMEP Hopefully we'll see you in the HoC soon, good luck David!!