All deleted tweets from politicians

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James Carver (EU) tweeted :

Is this headline the 2020 version of "Freddie Starr are my hamster"?…

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

Stuart was one of the kindest & most generous people that I had the privelege to have meet. A true gentleman in every sense of the word, he did so much to pave the way for Brexit, in the years leading up to the EU referendum. May he rest in peace.…

James Carver (EU) retweeted @oflynnsocial :

RT @oflynnsocial: RT @oflynnsocial: Remembering an amazing man and a great Brexiteer. RIP Stuart Wheeler.…

James Carver (EU) replied to @CWGC :

@CWGC @TommiesGuides I've visited it often. To my mind, it is the beautiful and tranquil war cemetery in Flanders. A fitting resting place for heroes.

James Carver (EU) retweeted @afneil :

RT @afneil: Devastating resignation letter from senior @nyt journalist Bari Weiss, who says, in effect, that the twitter lynch mobs now edit the New York Times.…

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

In view of the continuing hostility and much anger from keyboard warriors on twitter, I'm spending far less time here at the moment (and tweeting even less). However this clip has really made my day - Enjoy, and above all else, smile.

RT @CllrVosper: @tnewtondunn All about their position and Pay packet not the country. Almost certain myself and fellow Tories won't be thanking you at the polling stations in May or the next GE

James Carver (EU) retweeted @adamndsmith :

RT @adamndsmith: RT @adamndsmith: @afneil @NYT Can't believe being on Twitter is the same as premeditated extrajudicial killing but here we are!

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

As we've just commemorated the 80th anniversary of the #BattleofBritain, I've just been reminded of a superbly humorous @ShepherdNeame old advertising campaign promoting Spitfire Ale. I tweet this, speaking, and laughing, as a Kentish Man.

James Carver (EU) retweeted @Doranimated :

RT @Doranimated: A “conversation” with woke commissars. This clip deserves to become iconic. His sign says, "The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended."