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James Carver (EU) retweeted @_HenryBolton :

RT @_HenryBolton: @MartinDaubney @YvetteHenson There were @UKIP MEPs in the EU Parliament a lot longer than you and without whom you would…

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

Sad to learn of passing of #SultanQaboos. His legacy as an intermediary across complicated Middle Eastern politics leaves a huge void. Let us hope that his successor secures the continuation of Oman’s special position. When I visited #Oman, it was both beautiful & very welcoming

James Carver (EU) retweeted @DCBMEP :

RT @DCBMEP: Huge opportunity for British fishing. U.K. has 70% Europe’s fish by value but only 12% EU quota by value - our industry was thr…

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: Fake news exposed by the WTO.…

James Carver (EU) replied to @BBCScotland :
James Carver (EU) replied to @RoadsideMum :

@RoadsideMum In the interest of an even handed response, just bring some extra reality to this situation, it’s only fair to point out that Israeli mothers and children have, for many years, both feared and tragically been killed by rockets from Iranian backed terrorist groups.

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

I never really liked @rickygervais until tonight - Spot on fella! Well done.

James Carver (EU) retweeted @IPABrewpub :

RT @IPABrewpub: @ksadjadpour @ReaganBattalion The most important part of Soleimani's killing, isn't his killing (as big as that is), it is…

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

Really really shocking & sad to think that as well as the lives lost, half a billion animals are also feared killed in the #AustralianFires. I took this photo yesterday at #foxglacier #newzealand, which is some 2,500 miles away, where the smoke and ash is clearly visible.

James Carver (EU) retweeted @CrayValleyPM :

RT @CrayValleyPM: As 2019 comes to an end, the highlight of the decade, or even our century, must be our visit to @wembleystadium back in M…