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Jeppe Kofod

Far til to piger. Glødende Socialdemokrat. ✊️🇩🇰Medlem af Europa-Parlamentet. Gruppeformand. 🇪🇺MEP. Vice-President of S&D @TheProgressives

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Jeppe Kofod (EU) replied to @EuropeElects :

@EuropeElects @EU_Commission will - in 2018 work program - propose fair taxation in digital economy. Very needed! N……

Jeppe Kofod (EU) retweeted @Act4AnimalsEU :

RT @Act4AnimalsEU: Tomorrow at 4p.m. don't miss the inauguration of our #EndPigPain #Exhibition @Europarl_EN in Strasbourg:…

Jeppe Kofod (EU) retweeted @RCorbettMEP :

RT @RCorbettMEP: Happy April 1st!

Jeppe Kofod (EU) retweeted @JeppeKofod :

RT @JeppeKofod: Kl. 01:25 blev jeg udfordret til et spil #skoleskak. Det er #fmdk! #dkpol

Jeppe Kofod (EU) retweeted @EuropaMathias :

RT @EuropaMathias: @Folkebevagelsen's gruppeformand i EU-Parlamentet foreslår føderalt EU efter brexit-afstemning #eudk #dkpol https://t.c…

Jeppe Kofod (EU) retweeted @JeppeKofod :

RT @JeppeKofod: Still waiting for effective EU #taxhaven blacklist. EU Council has to deliver - also on sanctions! #TaxJustice…

Jeppe Kofod (EU) retweeted @eu40 :

RT @eu40: Honoured to welcome Klaus Welle at our dinner and looking fwd to listening to his speech @AmChamEU

Jeppe Kofod (EU) tweeted :

Tak til Dronnigen for en eftertænksom tale og S

Jeppe Kofod (EU) tweeted :

Flygtningefamilie. Mor og far med små børn på skøddet i gummibåden. Nød og næppe

Jeppe Kofod (EU) retweeted @EByard :

RT @EByard: This is how the future voted. This is what people 18-25 said in casting their votes. We must keep this flame alight…