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Was an MEP, done with elected politics. Now a publisher. Also write, speak, consult & lecture. Chess Candidate Master. Enquiries:

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Jonathan Arnott (EU) replied to @jamesmfahy :

@jamesmfahy Yeah, I must confess to a certain feeling of guilt over using full stops for emphasis. It needs to stop. Full stop,

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

In Hartlepool for @paulnuttallukip visit & then campaigning for Tom Cassidy in Headland & Harbour.

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

Had a great day campaigning for Tom Cassidy in the upcoming Headland & Harbour by-election in Hartlepool.Fantastic reception on the doorstep

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

Looking forward to campaigning for Tom Cassidy in the upcoming Headland & Harbour by-election in Hartlepool

RT @BrexitMeps: RT @BrexitMeps: Those who side with #Maduro are siding with tyrants - @JonathanArnott MEP via @YouTube #Brexit #Bre…

Jonathan Arnott (EU) tweeted :

You’d expect even a junior reporter to understand the concept of an official residence, let alone a chief correspondent. Channel 4 rolled into a single tweet. Wrong. Petty. We want answers to real questions, not the journalistic equivalent of a toddler drawing with a crayon.l

RT @PaulBrandITV: Big question tonight is how lockdown will be enforced. 1. How will police know your shopping is vital? Will they check your bags? 2. How will they know if it’s your 1st or 2nd bit of exercise outdoors that day? 3. How will they know people you’re out with live with you? Etc

RT @ElaineONeil17: RT @ElaineONeil17: Glad to hear it @JonathanArnott he's a good guy and will do his very best for UKIP…

Jonathan Arnott (EU) retweeted @TWRuk :

RT @TWRuk: Will the 2020s be a “decade of reconnection”, as the former heads of the Leave and Remain referendum campaigns have called for? Coming up on #TWRNewsdesk we discuss this with @LibDems @vincecable @UK_CCF @AlistairBurtUK @JonathanArnott Tune in now at

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: As long as we remain in the EU, our immigration system will be unfair…