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Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP MEP for the North East, chess Candidate Master, author, ex-Maths teacher & football commentator. Press:

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Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

This isn't even a recent development. We must ensure that foreign actually helps people in need. The entire system must be overhauled.…

@joepublic99 @LiveEUDebate @vivamjm Oh of course! Forgot transitional arrangements can still be applied for Croatia for the next 18 months.

Opinion polls will get a worse press than deserved (as with Brexit). Though the individual state polls were much more inaccurate.

RT <a href="" target="_blank">@paulnuttallukip</a>: Today the EU have attempted to stifle the voice of Eurosceptic groups and hand power to big pro EU groups and the C

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

London gets Crossrail, Hartlepool gets ancient busses set on top of train wheels @helenpidd raises this +more here:……

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

If Farron believes this, then logically he must reject Gina Miller's argument in the Supreme Court Brexit case...has he thought it through?…

@KarlSteenson No; if court rule against gov then it becomes MPs' responsibility.

@Orwell184 @MikkiL @englishseaside1 @Chelmsford92 @UKIP Day Zero. EVERYONE on all sides was told.

RT @alexpstory: The EU: I walked into a restaurant for a salad but was force fed the whole menu, asked to clean the dishes & locked inside …

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

Only 1 of the UK's 13 ambulance service is reaching patients with life-threatening conditions within eight minutes:…