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Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP MEP for the North East, chess Candidate Master, author, ex-Maths teacher & football commentator. Press:

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@atillatherover Was tweeting during debate; context of remarks was June 23 to now.

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

Great that @paulnuttallukip talks about class sizes, abolishing KS1 SATS, and points out teacher workload/bureaucracy.

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

Tim Farron sees nothing wrong with foreign aid budget when we're giving to countries like North Korea? Unbelievable.

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) retweeted @UKIP :

RT @UKIP: UKIP Leader @paulnuttallukip will be on the #ITVLeadersLive debate this evening. Tune in if you can.

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

You register to vote in the upcoming general election at:…

RT @fleetstreetfox: Mother Nature's pruning fork at work again.…

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

Will anyone actually trust this pledge?

RT @MrHarryCole: Corbyn: "Only Labour can be trusted to negotiate a Brexit deal"

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

The EU’s House of European History is a wildly extravagant vanity project…

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

@johnukip would let local people decide if they want another layer of politicians. Nobody was ever asked if they wa……