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Former MEP 2014/2019. Brexiteer,free speech,free markets & democracy.

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Margot Parker (EU) retweeted @ToryMember :

RT @ToryMember: RT @ToryMember: Labour MP John Mann wins “best line” prize today. Soubry: “A General Election will solve nothing”. Mann: “It’ll get rid…

RT @ToryMember: So, within 48 hours of serious U.K. no deal prep, we’ve discovered that a WTO Brexit - Will see both sides enable lorries to travel freely until at least the end of 2019. Will not see planes grounded. Will not mean a hard border in Ireland. Who knew?!

RT @DouglasCarswell: After this crisis, big savings are going to need to be made to cut costs in public administration. I suggest many police forces have discovered that they can do without their social media comms teams.

RT @katyballs: Corbyn’s supporters will try and spin Field's resignation as the MP jumping before he was pushed – but his resignation letter touches on a dilemma many Labour MPs now find themselves in:…

Margot Parker (EU) retweeted @Reuters :

RT @Reuters: RT @Reuters: Hong Kong to suspend all schools due to spike in coronavirus cases

Margot Parker (EU) retweeted @ritajb24 :

RT @UKNatPop: #FF #UKIP Please follow these fine UKIP Branches & support local politics: @RotherhamUKIP @UKIPWigan @UKIPWorthing @UKIPWarrington @BathNESUKIP @WelhatUKIP 🇬🇧 • 💜

RT @UKNatPop: RT @UKNatPop: We'll keep the Purple flag flying high! ◽◽◽

RT @adamgarriereal: RT @adamgarriereal: Let's all post #Churchill photos as our means of peacefully protesting the desecration of his statue…

RT @saynotoeurope: RT @saynotoeurope: @MargotLJParker Margot, so bleeding obvious isn't it.