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Max Andersson

Miljöpartist. EU-parlamentariker.

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Max Andersson (EU) retweeted @drvox :

RT @drvox: My new post: The awful truth about climate change no one wants to admit…

Max Andersson (EU) retweeted @a_sator :

RT @a_sator: That's how ultra leftist Wall Street Journal is analyzing outcome of summit on #Greece. (by @MMQWalker)

RT @MaxAndersson: @UNFCCC @greens_climate @europeangreens I was there. I made suggestions on how to address issues of vested interest…

Max Andersson (EU) tweeted :

Diskussionen om intressekonflikter i klimatförhandlingarna fortsätter. Allt fler uppmärksammar det problematiska i……

Max Andersson (EU) retweeted @dekaminski :

RT @dekaminski: \o/ "The Man Who Wrote Those Password Rules Has a New Tip: N3v$r M1^d!":…

Max Andersson (EU) tweeted :

Open dialogue now underway. Current topic: raising NDCs. #COP23 #GreensCOP23 @greens_climate

Max Andersson (EU) tweeted :

Now time for session 2 of the #opendialogue @COP23 on the participation of observers #GreensCOP23 @greens_climate

Max Andersson (EU) retweeted @JenniferUne :

RT @JenniferUne: ENGOs challenge observer participation at #opendialogue @COP23 "Some observers are just more powerful than others,…

Max Andersson (EU) retweeted @JenniferUne :

RT @JenniferUne: Important to enhance observer participation @COP23 while also regulating on #ConflictofInterests @greens_climate…