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Emilian Pavel

Romanian Member of the European Parliament, S&D. Active in EMPL & LIBE Committees, as well as Delegations for Israel, the Mediteranean countries, and Serbia.

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Emilian Pavel (EU) tweeted :

RT @PavelEmilian: All the jobs in the future will be connected in one way or another to technology. European educational systems must be up…

Emilian Pavel (EU) tweeted :

Deputy Minuster @DenitsaSacheva officially kicks off the #EU2028BG conference on #DigitalSkills & #entrepreneurship

Emilian Pavel (EU) replied to @PavelEmilian :

@BoykoBorissov @EUCouncil @Europarl_EN @TheProgressives Glad to hear @JunckerEU highlight healthy perspectives to consider when looking at the #EU #budget: focus first on content and priorities and not budgetary ceilings #EU2018BG @Europarl_EN @TheProgressives @EU_Commission

Emilian Pavel (EU) retweeted @Youth_Forum :

RT @Youth_Forum: "Only 5% of young people take part of the Erasmus programme. We need to widen its access and make it more inclusive…

RT @PavelEmilian: LAUNCH DAY: TaxEdu portal will improve tax education for young people & thus contribute to cutting tax evasion and…

Emilian Pavel (EU) tweeted :

.@Andrej_Kiska strongly states that the “EU is not a sinking ship. We must finnish what we started years ago” #Eurozone #Schengen @Europarl_EN @TheProgressives

Emilian Pavel (EU) retweeted @GSMA :

RT @GSMA: Hear from @PavelEmilian at the 'Digital Single Market: Finish line in sight?' session today at #M360EU. Details…

Emilian Pavel (EU) tweeted :

Juncker announces European authority to monitor labour market.That can be a good solution to ensure fair play vs other divisive ideas #STOEU

RT @edgarsrinkevics: Ar lieliskajiem Latvijas vēstniecības Spānijā un Andorā kolēģiem, paldies par darbu!