All deleted tweets from politicians

Mum of four boys; Member of the European Parliament from #Malta & #Gozo; Head of Delegation @PNMalta; @EPPGroup Coordinator @EP_Justice

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Roberta Metsola MEP (EU) tweeted :

And the crook responsible for this mother of all crooked deals - that forces everyone in Malta & Gozo to pay astronomical electricity bill's to private enterprise - remains protected and remains a Labour Party MP despite having fled #Malta for the UK months ago. #EndImpunity

RT @hansmollman: RT @hansmollman: Wow what a time to be alive, they're allowing WIVES out of houses to WIN things like Olympic MEDALS…

RT @EPPGroup: 🇪🇺"Let’s defend the generosity of European patriotism and the value of peace against the selfish discourse of nationalism", @gonzalezpons said during this morning's #70Schuman debate. #EPlenary 📽Watch his speech⬇️

RT @nicoladellarci: RT @nicoladellarci: Intergroup on children's rights discussing now how to prevent and tackle bullying and school violence @Europarl_EN http…

Roberta Metsola MEP (EU) tweeted :

Ill-informed, unbecoming and embarrassing. After the #Malta Labour Party's Ambassador insulted Angela Merkel so damagingly, you would think they would have learned their lesson. But no, they double down. 🤦‍♀️

RT @vinczelorant: 🛑 The #UK government's negotiating red lines make it very difficult to achieve an #ambitious agreement in the areas of #justice & #homeaffairs. 🇪🇺🤝🇬🇧 As LIBE rapporteur together with @RobertaMetsola in @Europarl_EN @EPInstitutional call for the closest possible relationship!

RT @RobertaMetsola: RT @RobertaMetsola: They let him resign. Our Foreign Minister refused to sack him. What a disgrace.

RT @markbiwwa: RT @markbiwwa: @bentleykarl @mcaruanagalizia No one gets fired the Malta Gov. Ever.

RT @Newsbook_com_mt: RT @Newsbook_com_mt: Captain Morgan, Merkel and €10,000 a day @ArnoldCassola…

RT @RobertaMetsola: It is not fine. It is totally unacceptable. World: these disgraceful people are not representative of the true face of #Malta & #Gozo. The Socialist Government will protect him - of course- as they will continue to protect the crooked & the corrupt. #Malta is better than this.