All deleted tweets from politicians

Roger Helmer

Former MEP for the East Midlands (1999/2017).

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Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @Imamofpeace :

RT @Imamofpeace: Radical Islam is the gun Political correctness is its silencer You and I are the victims

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @rog_ukip :

RT @rog_ukip: Labour lumbered the NHS with vast PFI repayments - £50 billion worth of loans which are costing £300 billion in repayments.

Telegraph: “Global carbon pollution rose 2% this year”. Sorry guys. CO2 is not a pollutant. It is an invisible, non……

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @stuarthelmer :

RT @stuarthelmer: Seriously, don’t ever do that.…

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @stuarthelmer :

RT @stuarthelmer: Lunch at the rugby club today. Might see Michael Fallon. He’s often there. Has he been in the news at all lately?

RT @RedHotSquirrel: Wanting free trade with the UK: America China India Brazil S Korea Australia Mexico UAE Oman Thailand Colombia Malaysi…

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @stuarthelmer :

RT @stuarthelmer: @godinterestcom It takes no faith to be an atheist.

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @stuarthelmer :

RT @stuarthelmer: Their answer is *always* "more EU".…

RT @DanielJHannan: The #BalfourDeclaration was the supreme expression of the national principle. Britain should be proud of it. https://t.…