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Seb Dance MEP

Labour MEP for London: Co-ordinator for @TheProgressives on @ep_emissions. Member of @ep_environment and @ep_development. Patron @LGBTLabour, Hon VP @LabourCID

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Seb Dance MEP (EU) retweeted @rob_francis :

RT @rob_francis: £500m is also the annual savings from the bedroom tax

RT @JonathanHaynes: It's so strange, it's almost like the Mail doesn't care about someone's politics so long as it'll help lead to the…

RT @fionatwycross: 3 seats +100 activists +1500 voters for @joanryanEnfield @CatherineWest1 @sarahsackman #TessaTriple w @tom_watson http:/…

RT @fionatwycross: Delighted to have been asked by @SadiqKhan to be Chair of London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority…

Seb Dance MEP (EU) retweeted @iofMike :

RT @iofMike: @SebDance MEP talking about potential damage of Brexit for charity sector, including risk to funding @cafonline #lab16

Seb Dance MEP (EU) retweeted @nickdiener :

RT @nickdiener: Clowns terrorizing the streets. A real life billionaire villain running for President. We need you, Batman.

Seb Dance MEP (EU) tweeted :
Seb Dance MEP (EU) retweeted @Robbiie__ :

RT @Robbiie__: Great article by @SebDance on why it's the best thing for the #LGBT community to #RemainInEU #RemaIN…

Seb Dance MEP (EU) retweeted @Robbiie__ :

RT @Robbiie__: Great afternoon spent campaigning to #remaIN with @SebDance and @ChukaUmunna in Islington north. #LabourInForBritain https:/…

Seb Dance MEP (EU) retweeted @Robbiie__ :

RT @Robbiie__: All 28 EU member states reach consensus on LGBT rights - very progressive from the EU #Remain ✌🏼️🇪🇺🇪🇺🌈…