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Europarlementariër voor @D66. Voor een sterk en solidair Europa. Instagram: sophie.intveld

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RT @RenewEurope: Today we have expressed our deep concern to the European Council over the serious lack of progress in the #Article7 proceedings against Poland & Hungary. Every missed opportunity to restore full respect to democracy & the rule of law in the EU has severe consequences.

RT @ParadaRownosci: RT @ParadaRownosci: Dziś jest #DzieńEuropy. Europosłanka @SophieintVeld wspiera Paradę Równości!

RT @ParadaRownosci: RT @ParadaRownosci: Today is the #EuropeDay. MEP @SophieintVeld supports Equality Parade in Warsaw!

RT @ilketoygur: Are you participating @CEPS_thinktank Ideas Lab? The program is fantastic ( and i am looking forward to speaking in the "Closing Plenary: What Future for Europe?" with all three distinguished speakers @dubravkasuica, @SophieintVeld and @karel_lannoo!

RT @SigridKaag: Belangrijk resultaat voor Nederland: de VS halen een streep door heffingen van 25% voor een deel van de producten van Tata Steel. Die heffingen zouden veel banen en omzet hebben gekost. Vanaf morgen verder onderhandelen om ook de andere heffingen van tafel te krijgen.

RT @samiraraf: Restoring democracy and ending the violence is crucial. First and foremost for the sake of over four million Venezuelans that are refugees now. Secondly for the sake of the countries surrounding Venezuela, including those within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Sophie in 't Veld (EU) retweeted @pcanfin :

RT @pcanfin: #GreenDeal #mercosur #climate law, common agricultural policy, fair transition... my interview in @guardian @RenewEurope…

RT @karmel80: That’s a party I wouldn’t miss for the world, who’s in? Popcorn and (biodegradable) glitter! RT @SophieintVeld: Zero points for Viktor. So how about setting up a big screen on a Budapest square, bring lots of popcorn, and watch the contest? 😉🌈🇪🇺…

Sophie in 't Veld (EU) tweeted :

Finally, we have a new Commission. Finally, Europe can move forward. I asked von der Leyen whether she will be a president for the old Europe or one for the new Europe. @RenewEurope

RT @EuroSandor: RT @EuroSandor: I won’ be able to stream on twitter but facebook page will have a stream!