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Terry Reintke

Young Green Member of the European Parliament powered by @fyeg and @gruene_jugend

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Terry Reintke (EU) retweeted @paulmaass :

RT @paulmaass: @TerryReintke noch nicht mal für ein European Deutschland - sondern nur Europa 😊

Terry Reintke (EU) retweeted @sevilturan_ :

RT @sevilturan_: İklim ve LGBTİ mücadeleleri adalet arayışı için buluşuyor. Cuma saat 15.00'da Cezayir Salon'da.… #O…

Terry Reintke (EU) retweeted @kieronam :

RT @kieronam: .@Amelia_Womack inspiring @YoungGreenParty to campaign and make a difference in the #EUref campaign at #ImWithEU…

Terry Reintke (EU) tweeted :

Postponement means that Article 50 will be triggered in weeks of 60th Rome Treaty anniversary. Even more reason stand up for Europe! #brexit

Terry Reintke (EU) tweeted :

Scotland with another choice: EU should keep all doors open. #ScotRef

Terry Reintke (EU) retweeted @murrinholi :

RT @murrinholi: @TerryReintke You're more than welcome to come back anytime Terry ☺

Terry Reintke (EU) tweeted :

Ahhhh, Sweden is giving 21 million €! You rock, Isabella! #shedecides

Terry Reintke (EU) tweeted :

Nein, wir gewöhnen uns nicht an diesen Scheiß. Lass @Besser_Deniz frei, Erdogan! #freedeniz