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Věra Jourová

Commissioner for @EU_Justice, @EU_Consumer and Gender Equality @EU_Commission. Account managed by me and my team.

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Věra Jourová (EU) tweeted :

I welcome #Airbnb's willingness to proceed with the necessary changes in order to comply with EU consumer rules. #ConsumerProtection

Věra Jourová (EU) tweeted :

In the EU, we have same problems and similar thoughts on possible solutions. We are looking for reasonable rules for online political campaigning, which will at the same time guarrantee freedom of speach and right for information.…

Věra Jourová (EU) tweeted :

This is me at #Pride in Amsterdam in 2016, I wish I could be today in Bratislava. I show my deep support for LGBTI equality in the EU. #EU4LGBTI #EUandMe… @AktualityLGBT @inakost @Bledardinoo @ZEKvSR @ZEK_Praha

Věra Jourová (EU) tweeted :

Today, Robert Schuman would have been 132 years old. He would be proud to see how his bold idea contributed to peace and prosperity in Europe. We must be able to recognise and cherish bold and independent ideas. #AskSchuman #FutureOfEurope

Věra Jourová (EU) tweeted :

I am happy to hear that Brazil is laying the grounds for the adoption of #DataProtection law. They adopted the change in their constitution introducing #DataP as a constitutional Right.… via @DailyDashboard

RT @PoliticoRyan: Coming up at 9.30am Polish/Brussels time, I’m moderating #FutureofEurope debate between @MorawieckiM (@PremierRP) and Wol…

Věra Jourová (EU) retweeted @ZEK_Praha :

RT @ZEK_Praha: "V #NewDealForConsumer jsme se zaměřili na ochranu spotřebitelů v EU v těchto oblastech: - Dvojí kvalita zboží - Podomní pro…