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RT @ToryMember: @MissLarryLamb @JGForsyth He’s looking pretty young in that clip. Here’s something contemporary to the referendum for you.…

RT @ToryMember: @JGForsyth Rightly so too. The EU is a failed project and a stagnant economic bloc. We shouldn’t be entertaining anything which ties us to it’s rules or gives it any control over our affairs. We voted to leave, not to leave a bit.

RT @ToryMember: @MissLarryLamb @JGForsyth Despite the fact that both sides said repeatedly that leaving meant leaving the SM and the CU?! Wow. You people really do still exist, despite everything.

RT @ToryMember: I’m confused. Has Germany voted to leave the EU?! They seem to be getting everything that the Project Fear peddlers we’re promising us?…

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: A d..n close run thing, we clearly don't need Europe to win... #CricketWorldCupFinal…

RT @HardTargetPod: RT @HardTargetPod: They continue to mock our Nation while idiots like @vincecable want to be their friends ◽

RT @IncMonocle: Kier Starmer advocated ignoring the democratic vote of the British people. He wanted to render my vote null and void. That is and always will be unforgivable.

RT @sahouraxo: In Pictures: Syrians peacefully commemorate the Easter Vigil tonight at the Saint Elias Cathedral in Syria’s Aleppo. Had Al-Qaeda not been defeated, we wouldn’t be seeing this celebration. #HappyEaster

RT @sahouraxo: Now why is it that Syria’s Aleppo is of no mainstream media interest when it is rising again with its citizens cleaning and rebuilding their city after the defeat of ISIS and Al-Qaeda jihadists? 🤔 (Photos via @NamanTarcha)