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Julie Ward MEP

Labour Co-op MEP NW England: Poet community/cultural activist, #FeministZealot social change via empowerment of people @EPCulture @EP_GenderEqual RT≠endorsement

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Julie Ward MEP (EU) retweeted @lillai23 :

RT @lillai23: @NHSMillion @THemingford Today in our NHS I'm working with Irish, Cameroonian, Indian, Pakistani, Nigerian, Greek & Jamaican…

Julie Ward MEP (EU) tweeted :

Stephen Hawking a patriotic Brit, European & respected expert - even after death. speaks volumes about the madness of Brexi and the links between Brexit & Trump

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RT @zdboren: With Trump in town, let's revisit his Brexit wishlist from April…

Julie Ward MEP (EU) tweeted :

Proud to be part of the 343 European women who signed this manifesto for sexual and repreoductive rights for women! #343Manifesto #MyBodyMyRights

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RT @UNPOintl: #CrimeaDayTatars MEP @julie4nw opened our second panel by discussing the impact of the illegal annexation of #Crimea on #Crim…

RT @academicsforeu: Eddie Izzard launches huge pro-EU campaign tour… # via @HuffPostUKPol

RT @academicsforeu: #truecoloursofBrexit "Protesters chant ‘no more refugees’ & burn EU flag at pro-Brexit demo"…

RT @academicsforeu: Our final tweet for today as a mark of respect for Jo Cox. It's statement by Jo's husband, Brendan. Rest in peace Jo ht…

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RT @jonnyapp: @julie4nw Thanks for a very interesting email, good to see how much you put in to your job and for letting us know .