All deleted tweets from politicians

Social democrat, member of the European Parliament, @EP_Trade coordinator @TheProgressives. Groot hart voor mijn stad.

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RT @vonderleyen: Hate is hate – and no one should have to put up with it. We put forward an action plan against racism. We'll strengthen our racial equality laws. We'll use our budget to address discrimination in areas like employment, housing or healthcare. We will get tougher on enforcement.

Kathleen Van Brempt (EU) tweeted :

The events in #Moira are tragic and deeply saddening. The EU has tried to resettle migrants among different member states. But governments across the bloc have rejected different proposals, and migrants have waited in squalid conditions.…

Kathleen Van Brempt (EU) tweeted :

The appointment of @VDombrovskis as the new Trade Commissioner is the moment to reaffirm our ambition for the future of #trade . @TheProgressives will continue the fight for enforceable labour & environmental standards, incorporating the #EUGreenDeal & fair digital trade rules.

RT @Yana_Giovanis: RT @Yana_Giovanis: Hi British people, remember when we danced, kissed laughed TOGETHER ◽◽◽◽ #brexit #shareyourbedwithabrit…

RT @Yana_Giovanis: Vandaag is het Dag van Europa ! 🇪🇺 Tijd voor eens socialer Europa! 💪 #itstime 📲 Meer over ons Europees @sp_a programma en kandidaten :…

Kathleen Van Brempt (EU) tweeted :

A tough decision, but the only right one. As a politician, European Commissioner and representative of European democracy, the people are right to expect you to lead by example. #Hogan

RT @Oona_Wyns: RT @Oona_Wyns: Hi @jeremycorbyn, remember when we touched? Stay. For us. For you. For EU. #shareyourbedwithabrit

RT @Oona_Wyns: De gemiddelde leeftijd in het Europees Parlement is 57 jaar. Dat is mijn leeftijd, maal twee, plus 15. Een ver-van-ons-bed-show dus, wat het niet zou mogen zijn. Europa moet veranderen via ambitie, durf en jeugdig enthousiasme!… via @abvvmetaal

RT @Oona_Wyns: 5278 jongeren wachten op hulp. 5278 schrijnende verhalen. 5278 stoelen langs de kustlijn. Wij willen écht komaf maken met de wachtlijsten en hebben daarvoor een plan. #zorgzekerheid @MelissaDepr @AaronOoms @sp_a Lees het hier:…

RT @Oona_Wyns: Nothing about us, without us. Daarom ben ik kandidaat voor het Europees Parlement. 🇪🇺 For EU, with you. #EUna @sp_a