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Mary Honeyball

I was elected to the European Parliament in 2000, as a Labour Member for London.

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RT @Guardianpublic: International Women's Day: the women leading local government – video

@theresa_may says she has consulted MEPs. She has talked to Conservative MEPs but not Labour, Lib Dem or Independent. It’s obvious her aim is keeping the Tory Party together not the national interest @Labour4EU @labour4europe

The populist right want to run back the clock on gender equality. The nostalgia for public life is also nostalgia for private life- the return of the traditional family model and women in the home. #FEPFAB19

Over 20% of the parliamentary seats at the next European elections will be held by hard right parties - that’s a huge percentage for any parliament. I’m worried about how much worse this could get if social democrats don’t start standing up to this shift. #FEPFAB19

There are defining characteristics of right wing populism: ❎ Nostalgia ❎ Nationalism ❎ Destructive narrative rather than constructive policies #FEPFAB19

@jeremycorbyn constructive ambiguity has has its day. You can save this country from retreating into itself as a small, shrunken island. Please do what your Party members want and back a #PeoplesVote @Labour4EU @labour4europe…

Mary Honeyball (EU) retweeted @notars :

Have added my name to parliamentarians calling for an immediate vote of no confidence @Labour4EU @labour4europe @EuroLabour

RT @IanMurrayMP: Following today’s farcical events by the Government, I have written with dozens of colleagues to ask Jeremy Corbyn to pres…