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RT @moveincircles: It must be 10 years now that people in power have been wringing their hands saying how awful the housing crisis is, all those poor dears living in house shares etc etc. But no-one’s done anything about it yet. The only logical conclusion is that no-one who could really wants to.

RT @moveincircles: Dear gender critical Twitter, I'm writing a motion for the SDP's annual conference recognising that gender identity does not supersede biological sex. If I can get it passed we'll be the first political party standing up for women & girls. Can anyone suggest good reads/resources?

RT @moveincircles: RT @moveincircles: Social conservatism is the new punk.

RT @moveincircles: RT @moveincircles: Spain getting a round of applause from China for its handling of Catalonian separatism ◽…

RT @moveincircles: Great piece from the marvellous @post_liberal on his experience as a psychiatric nurse helping to deal with the fallout from super-strong skunk cannabis and why the push to legalise it will benefit no-one except big pharma:…

RT @francisobrienUK: You know you’re upsetting the activists when they start getting personal 😂 this is on a local Facebook group dominated by Remainers, you dare support Brexit and you get this!

RT @HowlandRobin: May: No deal's better than a bad deal May: It's my deal or no deal. EU: We won't accept your proposal May: There's a lot of work to do May can't negotiate, because she's not prepared to walk away. Hence the EU keep calling her bluff & demanding more.…

RT @SarahParsons17: @oflynnsocial It is part of a fetish to seek to preserve everything. Quite unrealistic really. Why do we not let things go ? Is it a particularly British response ? or universal ?

Patrick O'Flynn (EU) retweeted @b_judah :

RT @b_judah: RT @b_judah: Imagine the uproar if this picture had been shared of a key government body in the US...…

Patrick O'Flynn (EU) retweeted @lucyiws :

RT @lucyiws: If a partner lied to you, betrayed you and took advantage of you any sane person would want to leave that relationship. With that analogy in mind, I today decided to cancel my membership with the party which I joined when I was 14. See you all later, I’m outta here.