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Sorin Moisa

Member of the European Parliament

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Sorin Moisa (EU) retweeted @Ansip_EU :

RT @Ansip_EU: The #DigitalSingleMarket gives you new rights & freedoms in Europe. We have removed barriers in the digital space so that you…

@realDonaldTrump @JunckerEU @EU_Commission It’s about slightly more than a high level kiss 😇, but yes, we do love each other 🇪🇺🇺🇸❤️

Sorin Moisa (EU) tweeted :

Lied to for the second time by @SwissportBE that luggage lost on Saturday 7 July on its way to Bucharest with TAROM flight RO 372 had been loaded for Bucharest this morning. After 50 minutes waiting on the phone! Yesterday evening I was told the same @BrusselsAirport. Shame!

Sorin Moisa (EU) retweeted @MichelBarnier :

RT @MichelBarnier: In the United States to make the European voice on Brexit heard. After #Brexit, with 27 countries, 440 million consumers…

Sorin Moisa (EU) tweeted :

Happy2welcome with @berndlange at @Europarl_EN Governor General Cosgrove& @EurAusBiz. Swift conclusion of #EUAustraliaFTA mutually beneficial&positive signal 4 global community @MalmstromEU @AusEmBrussels @davidmartinmep @Dr_KlausBuchner @ElsiKatainen @EmmaMcClarkin

Sorin Moisa (EU) retweeted @sorinmoisa :

RT @sorinmoisa: A long awaited announcement: the negotiations for #EUAustraliaFTA are now open. Looking forward to working together w/ @Mal…

Sorin Moisa (EU) tweeted :

Cum funcționează procesul de selecție #DiscoverEU? Trimiteți aplicația între 12 și 26 iunie. Procesul se va desfășura online via Portalul pentru Tineret. Aflați mai mult și aplicați:…

Sorin Moisa (EU) tweeted :

#Blockchain and DLTs debate at the European Parliament: Perspectives on #DLT Standards and #ICO Regulation…

Sorin Moisa (EU) retweeted @TomWlost :

RT @TomWlost: This morning discussing the 6th anniversary of Russia's WTO accession at @Europarl_EN with @Trade_EU.

Sorin Moisa (EU) retweeted @MalmstromEU :

RT @MalmstromEU: #Airbus case: @WTO Appellate Body definitively rejects vast majority of US allegations that the EU didn’t comply with WTO…