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Vicky Ford MP

Conservative Member of Parliament for Chelmsford, former MEP for East of England & Single Market Chair. đź’™Tech, Investment, Science, Fishing & the NHS.

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RT @britainelects: Old Leake & Wrangle (Boston) result: CON: 74.2% (+21.3) LAB: 17.0% (+17.0) UKIP: 6.9% (-40.1) BREV: 1.8% (+1.8) Conser…

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RT @CommonsSTC: To follow our #BrexitScienceSummit please tune in from 9am using this link from

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RT @ukreloaded: @loespl @Tory_Generation @theresa_may @vickyford Its just a reminder for all those who voted McDonnell, that they support a…

RT @andrealeadsom: Pretty despicable whoever sent me this. We live in a democracy- death threats because you don’t agree? And unsigned? cow…

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RT @cllrgbutland: @vickyford @bbradleymp Not condoning the threats but the Party seems to fail to carry out due diligence when making appoi…

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RT @Nigel_Farage: I am delighted @_HenryBolton has won the UKIP leadership election. He is a man of real substance.

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RT @SamuelMarcLowe: I want you all to know that I hate myself. WTO MFN tariffs: Gin – 0% Sparkling wine – 32 Euro/hl Books – 0% Marmite…