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Scottish Green Party candidate, Lothian Region & Edinburgh Central. To tackle the climate & nature emergencies, vote as if our future depends on it. 🐰 hugger.

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RT @EdinburghGreens: Green councillor @gavincorbett writes in @edinburghpaper on a record Green vote in Lothian last week and what it means for a greener and fairer Edinburgh going forward.…

RT @gavincorbett: My thoughts in @edinburghpaper on the election of @AlisonJohnstone and @lornaslater as @scottishgreens MSPs here in Lothian and why it’s important for the capital city to lead the way in a Green recovery.

RT @AllansGray: I am so proud to be a @scottishgreens member. 🌱More MSPs will push gov to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. 🏳️‍⚧️More voices to call for a fairer, more inclusive Scotland. ♀️ More women are leading way. 💚It’s time to build a fairer greener Future #activeGreens

RT @ZeynMo: There’s no doubt that the continued rise of the @ScottishGreens is one of the main stories of this election. I’m happy that this was our best ever result. But there was so much more to our story this election behind those figures. (very long thread)…

RT @benparker18: I’m *delighted* that @AlisonJohnstone and @lornaslater will be in Parliament on Monday 💚 A huge thank you to everyone in @EdinburghGreens who contributed to the campaign but especially the brilliant @alysmumford and @frasermay who it has only been a pleasure to work with 🌈✨

RT @ChristyMearns: @scottishgreens Well done all our fantastic MSPs, returning and arriving! Such a fantastic group! Absolutely gutted for @CaptainKim though - a huge loss for the Scottish parliament and indeed the Scottish people.

RT @scottishgreens: Thank you to all of our candidates, activists, supporters and staff. And thank you to everyone who has put their trust in us and delivered a record vote and a record number of Scottish Green MSPs! 🗳️💚🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Alison Johnstone (Green) tweeted :

I couldn’t agree more. A pleasure and privilege to work with Kate and to get to know her better. ◽