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💚 Green MSP (West Scotland), 'youngest ever MSP' etc. Christian ✝️ Socialist 🍉 Co-chair @scotgp Exec, Always @YesScotland

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RT @BringerOfRot: RT @BringerOfRot: have you ever just logged into the wrong account and blamed it on hamas

RT @brendanjmcginty: Plenty of comment on the SM backing the Scottish Greens. Which is great. Just to set a few things straight.... 1. This is genuinely about pushing climate change up the agenda and recognising that there are more important issues than Brexit.

RT @brendanjmcginty: RT @brendanjmcginty: 2. Contrary to popular belief we have not backed Labour in an election in recent memory. It is not a huge snub to Labo…

RT @brendanjmcginty: RT @brendanjmcginty: 3. It is absolutely not about taking pro-indy votes from the SNP. This election should neither be about Brexit alone n…

RT @brendanjmcginty: 4. The Greens narrowly lost to UKIP in 2014 for the “last” of the six Scottish places, sending David Coburn to Strasbourg. Would be a great result to reverse.

RT @brendanjmcginty: RT @brendanjmcginty: 5 Please read all of our coverage before making up your mind about our opinion and our motives. (Available all good ne…

@Gemma_clark14 If the new centre ground is seizing the assets of fossil fuel corporations, a wealth tax, radical land redistribution and workace democracy, they can call me a centrist!

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Only one in four applications for self-isoaltion support to the Scottish Government habe been accepted. If people aren't supported financially & materially, is 👇 really a surprise?

Ross Greer (Green) retweeted @GabrielNeil :

RT @GabrielNeil: Bluntly, getting rid of online anonymity will make it easier for bosses to fire people for their social media content. It's a scab move and should be opposed.

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RT @GabrielNeil: RT @GabrielNeil: I look forward to Ross's upcoming Food Network cookery program.…