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Green💚 Christian✝️ Socialist🍉 - Running for re-election as West of Scotland's @scottishgreens MSP , Always @YesScotland. he/him

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Ross Greer (Green) replied to @DocBass4 :

@DocBass4 @eyemagistus @scottishgreens NATO and nukes categorically do not make us safer. Ask the Syrian Kurds, victims of horrendous war crimes at the hands of Turkey, NATO's second largest army, what a bastion of decency that mitary alliance is.

Ross Greer (Green) replied to @anncramedhis :

@anncramedhis Good thing its not for young charente then but rather for 15-18 year olds ie senior phase high school students.

@GeorgeFoulkes How completely unsurprisingly George that on top of everything else you're a bitter misogynist.

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Headlines we love to see: Surge in support for the Greens raises prospects of an 'independence supermajority' #VoteScottishGreens…

RT @BridgetMarie: My favorite thing about John Lewis is that at ComicCon, he cosplayed as his younger self, wearing the same coat and backpack he wore at the March on Selma and led kids in a little march around the convention. 🖤

Ross Greer (Green) replied to @Ross_Greer :

If this were a game of Cludeo I think we've reached the 'It was Barrett Brown behind police lines with a press card' stage.

Ross Greer (Green) replied to @Ross_Greer :

Someone suggesting he might be Barrett Brown, the American journalist. If so, Brown's looking rough these days!

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Very willing to be proven wrong but I've rumbled an undercover cop at a protest before & this guy's even less subtle than he was.

RT @nicolacoughlan: RT @nicolacoughlan: I can stand against Domestic Abuse and still stand up for Trans Rights They are unrelated issues, shame on you.