All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @ArvinderSoin: The Maharashtra COVID task force seems to have raised the alarm: 2-4 weeks until the third wave there. This means Authorities everywhere must spring to action immediately.

RT @Ghair_Kanooni: On a day the father of a girl, who was allegedly raped by a BJP MLA, died in custody after being arrested for protesting against police inaction, the media is more concerned about Congress leaders eating chhole bhatoore.

RT @MythreyeeRamesh: RT @MythreyeeRamesh: Never thought of it this way. Important read if you are one of those who that that the video was adorable. https://t.c…

RT @zoo_bear: An elderly Man, Sufi Abdul Samad Saifi was attacked by five goons in Loni, Ghaziabad. He was threatened at the gun point, beaten, assaulted and they forcefully chopped off his beard. @ghaziabadpolice @Uppolice

RT @kshitijwrites_: Zerodha's Nikhil Kamath is such a disgrace. First he cheated in live match and when he was caught, he just laughed it off in the name of apology. Shame. Respect to Vishy. Had he not resigned, this guy would have just gotten away with it. #NikhilKamath #vishy

RT @Georgekurian4K: AAP Volunteers Linda Vaz from Raia & Kevin Dsouza from seraulim have won panchayat elections @AAPGoa @ArvindKejriwal @ielvisgomes

RT @Georgekurian4K: RT @Georgekurian4K: Breaking news. In Carmona, AAP panel to take over panchayat. @ArvindKejriwal @AAPGoa

RT @manishtv9: आग की लपटें बता रही है कि लखनऊ में मृत्यु कैसे जिंदगी को पराजित कर रही है लोग असहाय है कलेजा फटा जा रहा है 4 जी के दौर में अपनों के लिए कुछ न कर पाने की पीड़ा में जीना बहुत मुश्किल होता है । #COVID19 #Lucknow

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @sapanv :

RT @sapanv: Hello world, you need to see this. India is burning. And no amount of fake PR and scripted interviews can ever hide this.…