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Streatham MP | @ForChange_now Spokesperson | Chair of @EURelationsAPPG, @IntegrationAPPG & @UKProgressive | @Peoplesvote_UK champion | @Independent columnist

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RT @AndreaCooperUK: Sheila is so right! Change UK is 100% clear that a People’s Vote is only way to resolve this national crisis. @ForChange_Now…

RT @AndreaCooperUK: What a fantastic rally in Manchester this evening! Thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate the vision of Change UK in these European elections! #VoteChangeUK 🇪🇺❤️…

RT @BelinaLiz: A really useful morning meeting with @ChukaUmunna. Once an election comes if you want to vote remain in the City of London you need to vote #Libdem. If you want to help in the Barbican DM me

RT @BelinaLiz: RT @BelinaLiz: In my constituency The Cities of London and Westminster Get Voting says vote LibDem to stop Brexit. @ChukaUmunna https://t.c…

RT @BelinaLiz: At the launch 🚀 in Westminster. With @ChukaUmunna #BarbicanforChuka In 2019 we are going to make history. #Twincities

RT @BelinaLiz: RT @BelinaLiz: Great turn out for this morning’s canvassing in Westminster #LibDems #BrighterFuture @ChukaUmunna

RT @BelinaLiz: RT @BelinaLiz: Labour voters you need to back @ChukaUmunna here in the twin Cities…

RT @BelinaLiz: RT @BelinaLiz: #BarbicanforChuka out canvassing tonight. People’s Vote say Vote @ChukaUmunna

RT @BelinaLiz: In the Cities of London & Westminster your vote counts. Two polls released last night (by YouGov & FocalData) show LibDem candidate Chuka Umunna ahead of Labour and closing on the Tories. Labour can’t win here. @ChukaUmunna can. #GTTO #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote #Helpmakehistory

ChukaUmunna (Labour) retweeted @BCorpUK :

RT @BCorpUK: The majority of the UK public think capitalism is not working properly and could even be harmful. Do you think the system needs an upgrade? For more results from the B Lab UK & @regeneratetrust poll head to