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Helen has been the Member of Parliament for Bishop Auckland since 2005 and is currently on the Treasury Select Committee

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RT @leftwardjack: RT @leftwardjack: @JLFGX @TeawithQueenie @Pool55SW19 @HelenGoodmanMP I work most sunday evenings until 11 (in retail) and i'm glad others d…

RT @leftwardjack: RT @leftwardjack: @JLFGX @TeawithQueenie @Pool55SW19 @HelenGoodmanMP Eating a reheated sunday roast on your own in at 11.30 on a sunday nig…

RT @DavidLammy: My amendment to Article 50 Bill barring the Govnt from selling off access to our NHS to foreign companies as part of trade negotiations

RT @AaronBastani: The Archbishop of Canterbury calls the gig economy and zero hours contracts the 'reincarnation of an ancient evil'. The country's political mood has transformed. This is the most decisive intervention by a leading public figure you'll see.

Helen Goodman (Labour) retweeted @duaoel :

RT @duaoel: RT @duaoel: 1m and 30s of Yvette Cooper using logic against Boris Johnson. #LiaisonCommittee

RT @DurhamCity_AFC: A packed pre season schedule ..... 4th Aug Coxhoe Red Lion (a) 6th Aug AFC Durham (a) 8th Aug Bishop Auckland (a) 11th Aug Redcar Reserves (a) 15th Aug Yarm & Eaglescliffe (a) 19th Aug Stockton Town (a) 22nd Aug West Auckland (a) 26th Aug Silksworth (a)

RT @hannahmerich: RT @hannahmerich: .@HelenGoodmanMP Thanks for a really interesting talk tonight - brilliant to hear your thoughts on tackling inequality.

RT @SimonNeville: Good to know, Michael. I’ve got a 7 year old son with autism, a blind wife and I’ve got ADHD. I’ve also got a 4 year old boy. Our carer is furloughed. My wife and I are both key workers. Yet we’ve seen no relatives for months and managed to care for them without a 300 mile trip.

RT @perfumeithaki: Putin openly bragged that Russia had the best prostitures ( bringing him a sense of great national pride ) which has kept #TrumpCrimeSyndicate and #ToryTraitors on a tight leash. #CorbynWasRight

RT @meandmybigmouth: I want to tell you about a remarkable woman that you almost certainly haven't heard of. Her name is Florence Ilott and, in 1934, she became the first person to run across Westminster Bridge within the twelve chimes of Big Ben at noon.