All deleted tweets from politicians

Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland. Convener of Public Audit Committee. Campaigner for jobs and strong public services.

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Jenny Marra (Labour) tweeted :

#GBBO are Noel’s comments about Paul Holywood’s body necessary?

RT @LK_Pennington: RT @LK_Pennington: A woman's greatest enemy? A lack of time to themselves…

Jenny Marra (Labour) retweeted @ian9657 :

RT @ian9657: Groans from @theSNP benches at #fmqs as @JennyMarra points out the falling life expectancy in Dundee! Really, you couldn't make up just how callous nationalists are. #Scotlandsshame

RT @ian9657: RT @ian9657: Well done @JennyMarra raising the important issue of the striking Ninewells Hospital porters #fmqs

RT @AuditorGenScot: Get a better understanding of the issues in my Scottish Fire and Rescue report - out today - with this short podcast:

RT @AuditorGenScot: RT @AuditorGenScot: Out today: My latest report on @NHSTayside's significant financial challenges:…

RT @AuditorGenScot: One to watch out for ... My joint report with @AccCommScot on young people's #mentalhealth services is out tomorrow. #SuicidePreventionWeek

RT @AuditorGenScot: RT @AuditorGenScot: My latest report on Scotland's #college sector, which is increasingly reliant on public funding.…

RT @AuditorGenScot: RT @AuditorGenScot: A great way to zip through some of the key messages from my #socialsecurity report.…

RT @AuditorGenScot: Out today: My report on the management of an ICT project at the Scottish Social Services Council @SSSCnews: