All deleted tweets from politicians

Authorised by Amy Adams MP, 829 Main South Rd, Templeton

This may be an incomplete list. If you think we're missing someone, please send us their Name, Country/State, Political Party, Office they hold or are seeking and, of course, Twitter handle. Thanks!

RT @candace_kinser: RT @candace_kinser: Lovely to see @amyadamsMP supporting the inaugural @UrbanPoloNZ on a glorious Wellington summer day!…

Standing together with fellow MPs to remember March 15 #WeAreONE

RT @spectatorindex: Most corrupt countries, 2016. 1. North Korea 2. Somalia 3. South Sudan 11. Iraq 23. Zimbabwe 44. Nigeria 46. Iran 46. Russia 98. China 98. India 102. Turkey 113. South Africa 115. Saudi Arabia 117. Italy 154. France 159. US 167. UK 176. New Zealand (Transparency International)

RT @lancewiggs: RT @lancewiggs: Good summary of how the UFB gamble worked… It rapidly showed itself to be a remarkably successful r…

RT @liamkernaghan: @AndrewLittleMP @justicenzgovt Hey @amyadamsMP you should be proud of this too. You pushed them to be better and achieve greater results for NZers - including lower crime rates and better access to services. Congrats 💙

No pressure other select committee chairs but well done @ruthdysonmp #xmasshout

RT @paulabennettmp: RT @paulabennettmp: And this was authorised by Hipkins. It's ok when they do it but they whinge and complain when we do it.…

RT @paulabennettmp: How about this one posted to Facebook by Winston in 2017? This would have to be deleted under the Speaker's ruling if it applied to anything pre-2019.

RT @NZNationalParty: National believes in freedom of speech. That’s why we won’t delete social media videos as the Speaker of the House has ruled after a complaint from Labour. Here’s the video they don’t think we should be allowed to show you.

RT @NZNationalParty: RT @NZNationalParty: Can Grant Robertson name one new transport project his Government has started?