All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Selwyn. Authorised by Amy Adams. 829 Main South Rd, Templeton

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RT @HandsMegan: I received this message from a young farmer at 1.30am....this is how a good portion of the agricultural industry is feeling. You can’t read a news site, Facebook, listen to the radio or watch the news without hearing yourself and your farming mates be slammed. #loveourfarmers

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: Under New Zealand’s constitution, as recorded in the Cabinet Manual, it is part of the New Zealand Prime Minister’s JD to check all her ministers are behaving lawfully in all their ministerial, political and personal capacities. @jacindaardern @simonjbridges #nzpol #nzqt

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: Given today’s twitter response to the opposition’s little score, how long before the woke Jacindamaniac left decides that an opposition using leaked information to mock and embarrass a government is really #hatespeech and should come with civil and criminal penalties?

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: The @NZPolice took one look at @grantrobertson1 and @nztreasury’s politically motivated criminal complaint against @NZNationalParty and said “you’ve got to be fucking kidding. They used the search bar on your own home page”. The Minister must resign.

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: RT @MatthewHootonNZ: The @nztreasury has just announced there was no hack of their system. @simonjbridges is vindicated. @grantrobertson1 s…

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: Dear @nztreasury, under #OIA, have you notified @MoodysInvSvc, @SPGlobalRatings etc, plus relevant regulatory authorities, that your system has been hacked, and that there is a risk someone is playing the debt, equity & forex markets with that stolen information? If not, why not?

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: If, after this statement from @nztreasury, #Budget2019 is not released tonight, then one of two things is bullshit: 1) the hack claim, or 2) all the secrecy and theatre around budget days, including the need for lock ups. Which is it @grantrobertson1?…

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: Your taxes at work. 20 bureaucrats attended the big #Kiwibuild meeting with the private sector on 30 Oct, just before the CEO resigned. None of them took any notes. None can really remember what was said. @JudithCollinsMP @nzherald #nzpol… via @FYI_NZ

RT @candace_kinser: RT @candace_kinser: Lovely to see @amyadamsMP supporting the inaugural @UrbanPoloNZ on a glorious Wellington summer day!…

Standing together with fellow MPs to remember March 15 #WeAreONE