All deleted tweets from politicians

Senior Member for Central & Provincial Council of ANP.Former Member Of Pakhtunkhwa http://Assembly.Global Goodwill Ambassador.Ashoka Fellow.

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RT @zubairtorwali: اب کس نے کس کے الفاظ چرائے یا سب کو ایک ہی ویٹس ایپ پر یہ الفاظ مل گئے فیصلہ اپ کریں۔ #VeenaMali, #IrshadBhatti, #FeroghNaseem, #KamranKhan

RT @F_bettani: پاکستان کی واحد سیاسی جماعت ہے جس میں یونین کونسل کی سطح سے لیکر ضلعی صوبائی اور مرکزی انتخابات تک جمہوری طریقے سے اس کے عہدیداروں کاانتخاب عمل میں لایا جاتا ہے #ANPTheOnlyHope @AimalWali @MianIftikharHus @Palwasha_Abbas @s_jafarshah @ShahiKh48035060 @ANPMarkaz

RT @F_bettani: Strongly condemn the brutal attack on our ANP leader. Govt should be responsible for it. #RiazSheikh @ANPMarkaz @JBaghwan @s_jafarshah @AMNPeshawar @WalibaghChd @AsgharAchakzaii

RT @F_bettani: #PuppetTTPTI govt is responsible for attack on our leader. we strongly condemn it and want JIT for it that why our leadership is not safe in this state. what message they want to convey to the followers of #BachaKhanBaba #Riaz_A_Sheikh @AimalWali @MianIftikharHus @ANPMarkaz

RT @F_bettani: @ShahiKh48035060 @AsfandyarKWali @KhanBehroz @s_jafarshah @AyubKAsharay @SamarHBilour @Nasir_yousafza @lewany_k @AimalWali @shahrazashah20 @hazratdawar20 @tahir_awb @Palwasha_Abbas Russian knows that Bacha khan was father of peace but unfortunately our nation feel proud to call him traitor but we are proud of him and his philosophy