All deleted tweets from politicians


Parliamentary Leader PPP and Former Leader of Opposition in the Senate of Pakistan . FormerPakistan Amb to the US/Fed Minister.Chair Jinnah Institute.

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Not playing politics at all but members were unwilling to meet minus Minister. We used to leave ECC mtgs for parliamentary mtgs but Khusro called later that he was busy so we reconvened the Mtg. All of this should have been communicated earlier to the Committee by Ministry.

اتنے قرزے لے کر وزیر خزانہ تو وزیر قرزاجات بن گۓ۔ نیا پستان

RT @junaidashaikh: Yasin Dar a reporter 4m IHK dropped his camera & took Khushboo, grade-12 student to nearby hospital after she was h…

Poster at the press club today: “Dear Jacinda, please come and hug our Hazara minority”.

Health Minister please wake up: Young Pakistani children who need medicated milk are being denied life-saving nourishment due to expensive delays in regulations to label in Urdu, which the mon-local manufacturer is unable to do. Pl take notice and action

RT @KhaledBeydoun: Ritaaj, a 6 year old Yemeni girl, stands between her Mom and aunt waiting for food rations from an aid worker. 85,000…

Is this not a clear case of conflict of interest? Dawood appointed CPEC Business Council chairman.…

They have done this by imposing the Essential Services Act on a union whose right to be elected was restored by court

Studying how Shanghai city creek was saved after 14 billion yuan and 15 years of state-directed work. An entire living city museum is devoted to how polluted the river was and how it is restored to a clean water habitat. Imp lessons for EPAs in all cities especially Karachi