All deleted tweets from politicians

Hywel Williams AS/MP 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Aelod Seneddol @Plaid_Cymru ARFON Member of Parliament | | (01286) 672 076 | Ail-drydar ≠ cydsyniad RT ≠ endorsements |

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RT @GwylArall: Angharad Price fydd yn sgwrsio hefo @ManonSteffanRos am y llyfr Glas Nebo dydd sadwrn nesaf 29/2/29 Clwb Canol Dref. Tocynnau £5.00 o neu @PalasPrint… @YLolfa @CwmniFranWen

RT @BBCNewsnight: “It took six years to do the negotiations… another three to get that ratified… it’s a long, tough, frustrating process that took 10 years for Canada”. Fmr Canadian PM director of comms @AGMacDougall says the UK doesn’t have a clear vision for their negotiations #Newsnight

RT @WillAustin1964: Truly overwhelmed by the kindness and support since my #bbcqt trauma live you lot! After 30 years of trying to articulate a coherent argument for the left I now find that a meme of my cringing face is infinitely more powerful than my words! Let's all do it - #facesagainstracism

RT @meljomur: Oh, this will have those Brit Nats squirming in their seats. It's a bit of a no-brainer, that most Remain voters (who voted No in 2014) support indy now.…

RT @GwylTwm: PLEASE RETWEET! This year’s Twm Sbaen Festival takes place on 27/28 March at Saith Seren, Tŷ Pawb & Central Live Music Venue Tickets: Friday night Saturday day Saturday night Lowkey / Bardd / Evrah Rose

RT @paullewismoney: Irony goes supercharged as the new blue passport is made in Poland by French/Dutch firm and UK passport maker De La Rue left at risk and laying people off. I don’t recall the slogan ‘British jobs for Polish workers’ but here it is in action. Somehow this is a success.

RT @ElliotElinor: Toby "stains" Young here seems not to have realised that an Irexit candidate in the recent general election was beaten by spoiled ballots. In my moments of wilder speculation though, I have wondered whether the Brexiters are mad enough to invade Ireland. They're obsessed.…