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SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse. Scottish Government Minister for Older People & Equalities. Retweets are not endorsements.

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RT @DrLynneTammi: You know the future is bright when for the second time in just a few years young Gypsy/Travellers win the @YoungScot Diversity Award. #Inclusion #Equality

RT @Southsidegrrrl: Re. people saying 'not everyone has digital for Christmas', as ever the third sector is being ignored. Loads of organisations are getting devices and data plans out to people who need them in their communities, just like they did with food during first lockdown.

RT @SGHealthJustice: This response contains an update on the Scottish Government’s consultation on legislation to improve forensic medical services for victims of rape and sexual assault. This work now sits under the Health and Justice Collaboration Unit… #EquallySafeFMS…

RT @EmBacklund: RT @EmBacklund: @Lyno45 @klanbegbie @ChristinaSNP Yes and I want it to stop now, for good. Usual service and life to resume, please!

RT @TheWalkingNews: RT @TheWalkingNews: Someone put an obituary in the paper for Glenn.. ◽ #TWD

📲 You can find COVID-19 guidance on extended households at the below link. As part of the guidance extended households are able to visit each other as part of the guidance. If you are in an extended household you should continue to follow the guidance:…

RT @ScotGovFairer: Scottish Child Payment will start taking applications next month. We want to make sure that eligible families will get support they need. Find out more on @ScotGov & @SocSecScot plans to maximise take up of this new benefit ➡️

RT @EvanMatyas: @FionnaidhH365 @deoradh1 @DouglasDaniel I’ve been using Mango (Gaelic is free on the app!) and a spaced repetition method in this book Fluent Forever along with my once weekly class—in six months I’m at the early stages of being conversational. Ma tha sibh airson a’ bruidhinn, leig fios thugam. :)