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RT @MiriamBrett: Watch @MareeToddSNP's powerful speech of the hardship and anxiety caused by the botched Universal Credit rollout. Get those Tories telt!…

RT @withorpe: Tory MP Robert Jenrick admits he unlawfully helped a tory donor avoid a £50m tax bill on his housing scheme but did it because he was "acting in accordance with natural justice". The only natural justice most people want to see is Jenrick facing a jury on corruption charges

RT @JDwheresmyspoon: RT @JDwheresmyspoon: Best words to have ever been uttered in the HOC ◽ ◽ ◽

RT @sarm0161: RT @sarm0161: Just a rhino charging at traffic, while an Indian couple commentate with Hank Marvin on the radio. That's all.…

RT @CathcartSNP: Zoom details will be sent out to branch members by email. If you don't get these but are an SNP member living in the constituency and want to participate, please DM us. Our three nominees are: @_junaidashraf, @glasgowcathcart & @JenLaydenSNP.

RT @HadleyFreeman: RT @HadleyFreeman: Well this is my cartoon of the day/week/life

RT @KAlmsivi: My hot take. I very rarely watch the coronavirus updates but I know many people who do, namely the elderly & those shielding. They take a great deal of comfort in being talked to like adults and being given current information. If the BBC want to stop that, I think its wrong.

RT @KAlmsivi: I was expecting him to explain why this is a bad thing 👇 Only 6 years ago Jackson was waxing lyrical about how terrible it would be if Scots were kicked out of Europe by voting yes to independence. Now it looks like Europe is some kind of cursed land - in just 6 years, reader!