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urko aiartza

Basque Lawyer

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RT @Historic_Ally: Scotland's iconic R B Cunninghame Graham, Don Roberto, mindit on by @billykayscot This ane's in Scots, via @bellacale…

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RT @StewR: ETA declaration to the Basque people on the damage caused: "Giving a democratic solution to the political conflict will be able…

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hFeliz día de la Independencia 🇲🇽 México! 208 años libres del yugo español! Zorionak Mexiko Euskal Herriatik!ttps://

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Feliz día de la Independencia 🇲🇽 México! 210 años libres del yugo español! Zorionak Mexiko Euskal Herriatik!

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Spanish Gov should understand like Serbia now has done this is only way to deal with conflicts but they never learn ...…

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RT @regstud: “Europe is an area where incompatibility between the nation-state legacy and the demands for a transnational governance is esc…

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Great Row row rave today in

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Today in 1813 British troops were ordered by Spanish General Castaños burnt & slaughtered the basque village of Donostia ocuppied at that time by French troops. Today we remember the mass killing .

RT @VisitBasqueCtry: The Assembly House of #Gernika, the Europe’s oldest parliament. Are you dare to visit it?… http…