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RT @KarlGustel: Cameron: Yes the EU is bureaucratic, annoying, needs reforming and yes Britain will be fine outside the EU - therefore we m…

RT @KarlGustel: Congratulations on the recognition for your work, Professor @Roger_Scruton. #BirthdayHonours #Queenat90

RT @KarlGustel: Sweden has a beautiful countryside and a fascinating history. Happy National Day of Sweden! #Nationaldagen…

RT @KarlGustel: Har @sloseriombud någon info om slöseriet från Bryssel å skattebetalarnas bekostnad?

RT @KarlGustel: 'Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.'…

RT @KarlGustel: I suspect all feminists will subscribe to the 'hashtag' #ImWithHer if the choice stands between Le Pen and Fillon?

RT @KarlGustel: In Swedish politics, politicians are generally rude to each other in private and nice in public. In US politics the reverse…

RT @KarlGustel: People are inherently conservative. You have to convince yourself to become a liberal.

RT @KarlGustel: As a student of history I envy future historians who have a lot to write about the UK-EU relationship. #Brexit

RT @KarlGustel: A truly great day for freedom and national sovereignty. Can't stop smiling. #Brexit