All deleted tweets from politicians

Sinn Féin MP for Newry/Armagh. • Proud to be #YourLocalChampion

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Mickey Brady (UKMPs) tweeted :

Good meeting between Joint Committee on Implementation of GFA & Committee for the NI Executive There is a collective will across the island to work together to support the ongoing efforts to resolve the outstanding issues with the protocol and to ensure its full implementation

RT @RelsForJustice: Tonight we remember the dead of Sean Graham’s, those killed on the day and those who died prematurely due to their injuries. We hold those who mourn and survive with such strength and dignity in our thoughts and prayers this evening.

Mickey Brady (UKMPs) tweeted :

Congratulations to John Dalzell and his team for raising an incredible £141,000 for the Hospice during his Christmas sit out.This is the largest amount John has raised to date. Very well done.

RT @pajoflynn: RT @pajoflynn: Two of the Derry's best defenders. They loved their City.

Mickey Brady (UKMPs) retweeted @JoeEDwyer :

RT @JoeEDwyer: Sad news from Liverpool that Barnie Morgan has passed away. A real character, committed socialist, & stalwart of Liverpool-Irish. Son of Cumann na mBan Vol. Rose Ann Murphy. Was a pleasure to sit with him on Liverpool Easter Rising Commemoration Committee. Will be greatly missed.

Mickey Brady (UKMPs) retweeted @KRWLaw :

RT @KRWLaw: Noah Donohoe Inquest. Niall Murphy's remarks at Preliminary Hearing – 18 January 2021 @MyNoah8…

RT @conwaywalsh: RT @conwaywalsh: Frances Black sings Raglan Road for Martin - sad but beautiful

RT @conwaywalsh: RT @conwaywalsh: John Finucane 4 MP - please like and share - brilliant candidate for all

RT @conwaywalsh: Wholesome & progressive conversation on ‘What would an Agreed Ireland look like? - Reconciling the past, looking to the future @mattcarthy Peter Shirlow & Patricia MacBride #UnitedIreland

RT @conwaywalsh: RT @conwaywalsh: Gerry Adams thanks all those in Britain who work and have worked in the past for Irish Unity #UnitedIreland…