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Recovering Labour & Co-op MP for Glasgow North East and Shadow Scotland Office Minister. Former shipbuilder. Omnipresent Glasgow heritage defender.

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RT @michaeljswalker: “Drugs need to be legalised. Because for those who have more social and economic privilege they basically already are.” Brilliant video from @AyoCaesar on how our drug laws drive racist policing 👇

RT @PaulJSweeney: A Labour policy that helped cause the greatest fall in child poverty in the country's history. Tax credits rose faster than inflation and median incomes.  I still remember this advert. 'Money with your name on it.' Positive Government messaging that abruptly disappeared in 2010.

@GrayInGlasgow @davieclegg I remember that! Galloway applauded my question from the stage about local council reform to end suburban council tax free riding by expanding Glasgow's municipal boundaries.

RT @PaulJSweeney: The Shadow Chancellor @AnnelieseDodds is making an important argument that the blanket end of the furlough job retention scheme in October could cause permanent economic scarring. It must be flexible enough to taper for the individual circumstances of otherwise viable businesses.

RT @JohnFerry18: This would entail Scotland issuing vast amounts - billions of pounds worth - of 'sub-sovereign' bonds directly to the market. Potentially a good idea? Maybe, but ironically it's likely a non-stater because of SNP policies. Here's why (thread). 1/

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @KennyFarq :

@KennyFarq @StewartMcDonald @thetimes The 1981 British Nationality Act restricted the right of Hong Kongers to UK residency and after the Tiananmen Square massacre the Govt failed to alter this, meaning Canada was the main recipient of emigration at the time. An interesting proposal from 1989.…

RT @labour_history: #OTD 2002. Tax Credits Act. 5.75m families are made eligible for a top up to their wages. The average family is said to be £1200 better off, while the poorest up to £2400. Brown hails it the biggest reform to welfare since Beveridge

RT @FerretScot: Exclusive - Dozens of Scotland’s care home buildings are owned by companies based in tax havens and controlled by global hedge funds, private equity and the Chinese government.

RT @JermainJackman: Your voice on the NEC. Let’s smash this concrete ceiling and elect the first black man to the NEC in Labour Party history. Support #JJ4NEC: Plain Text:

RT @PaulJSweeney: Discussing latest polls on @BBCScotNine earlier. I don't see a Yes vs No referendum being replayed in the same way, as the Conservatives won't agree to one and if there is a Labour Govt in 2024 it will want to open the debate up to include a UK federation.