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Economist, lawyer, UKIP Policy and Economy Spokesman, lead regional AM SE Wales, husband and father. I tweet on life, politics, Wales and independence from EU.

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RT @grainite: RT @grainite: @MarkReckless A great result and richly deserved thank you for all your hard work

RT @RichPoliticscom: On Wednesday’s episode of ‘Off the Cuff’ we have an exclusive with @MarkReckless on his recent decision to join Abolish. Subscribe for the full interview 👇…

RT @Minty122122: RT @Minty122122: @RWTaylors @MarkReckless You’ve got my vote in the bag. ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽

RT @moonmelon1: @FreddieWhite8 @MarkReckless There are 18 members of my family who all - apart from me voted Labour in the last assembly elections. They have ALL joined the @AbolishAssembly party. Don’t ever accuse somebody of having an invalid viewpoint just because they don’t agree with yours! #Wales

RT @MattMacKinnon13: RT @MattMacKinnon13: There were three deaths in Wales yesterday. Three.

RT @haydnrushworth: My latest video for Plaid Brexit. Des Parkinson, Brexit Party election candidate for Brecon and Radnorshir... via @YouTube

RT @haydnrushworth: The @brexitparty_uk Bus visited Brecon & Radnorshire today with a LOUD, CLEAR message for Boris... Deliver Brexit, or step aside for a Party that WILL. @DesParkinson #breconandradnor @PlaidBrexit

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: Lockdown and compulsion destroys prosperity and happiness. Liberty is the key to recovery

RT @DKShrewsbury: The conduct of @fmwales during this national crisis will have convinced millions in Wales & England, especially for those who live along the border that the time has come to abolish Welsh Assembly for the sake of our national sanity & security. @BBCWalesNews @BorisJohnson